Friday, October 16, 2009

A Baby Shower and an Early Halloween (Oct. 14)

My sisters have been bugging me about doing a baby shower. I keep telling them no because 1) I hate showers in general, 2) I don't really need any baby stuff, and 3) when I was pregnant with Calvin my co-workers threw me a baby shower, and it was honestly the best shower you could ever imagine. So they decided that they would do a sister shower where just the sisters came, we ate yummy take-out Mexican food, and I got lots of presents without having to invite a lot of people that I felt obligated to invite but wouldn't really want to hang out with. It was so much fun. I love my sisters and they threw a perfect little party!

While MR was in town she wanted to dress up all of the little kids for Halloween and go "trick-or-treating" at Grandma's house since she wouldn't be around for the actual event. Alicia brought over a bunch of costumes for all of the kids, so we each picked one that fit.

First they all ran around like wild animals.

And then we tried to take pictures...

It was absolute mayhem. I could not stop laughing.
David (Dinosaur) and Tyler (Dragon): Kept growling at everyone.
Joey (Kangaroo): Cried every time David and Tyler growled.
Aysha (Snow White): Kept jumping up and down and looking everywhere but the camera.
Madilyn (Chicken): Hated the chicken suit. She cried anytime her mom would try to fasten it up.
Calvin (Pooh): Kept running off. It was impossible to take a picture before he was off again.
Maria (Cinderella): Was holding Miriam (Dalmatian). About 5 minutes into trying to take the picture, Miriam slipped off of her lap and fell face first onto the porch. She was screaming, and Maria was bawling because she felt horrible about having dropped the baby (she was fine, no worries).

We never did get a great picture. Finally we had Grandma and Grandpa sit down with them to hold all of the babies. Uncle Fias sat behind the bench and held Calvin in place. Aysha still never did look at the camera.
After this shot, the kids rang the doorbell, got some candy, and everyone had a happy, fake Halloween.

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MaryRuth said...

I get the giggles every time I see this picture!