Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain Boots

Today I was doing dishes and from across the room heard a little chirping voice saying "Hi! hi! hi!" so I finally looked around the room, and he giggled when I noticed him perched on the back of the couch. He played up there for quite some time, driving his cars over the couch and along the picture frame and thinking he was very clever.

Last week it was raining and we introduced the boy to jumping in puddles. His shoes were soaked and we decided the kid needed a pair of rain boots. I looked at Lands End, and they happened to have toddler rain boots on clearance, so we picked up this snazzy yellow pair. Calvin loves them. He slips them on with whatever he's wearing, and wanders around the house saying "rain boots" over and over.
Later that day he found his swimming trunks that I had not yet put away from our trip to VA. He said "beach pants!" and insisted that I put them on him. He was wearing his black and orange Halloween shirt, his blue shark bathing suit, and his yellow rain boots. He's going to be a snappy dresser, just like his mother.

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