Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Cruise

Tonight Andy and I had my family over for dinner (have I ever mentioned that Andy is the best husband ever? He hates my parties, but he always helps me clean, cook, set tables, clean up, keep people's plates full, etc. He's the very best). We had hot chili, wild rice soup, and bread sticks to warm up our insides before heading out to a Halloween cruise. It snowed a couple of inches today, but instead of canceling we just bundled up and took some big quilts.

On the edge of the local river, they have a ropes/climbing course with a set up for canoeing. I've been there several times (a blind date, a family reunion, and a few youth activities), but I've never been there during the holidays. They have thousands of lights up and down the river, with dozens of carved jack-o-lanterns and different decorations. You board a barge type thing with seating around the edges and a pirate rows you up and down the river while telling scary stories. About halfway through the ride a pirate yelled from the shore, and swung on a rope to land on the boat. He kept missing and finally just chased us in a canoe. When he caught us, he handed out Halloween candy, told some Halloween/pirate jokes, and then left us for the rest of the ride.

It really was a lot of fun. Calvin and the other kids were enchanted by the lights reflecting off of the dark river, the funny pirates, and the entire experience in general. I tell MR that it was cold and miserable because she's bitter that the whole family went without her, but really it was wonderful and we'll definitely be going again next year.

I took our crappy camera because it's smaller than our good one. I forgot just how bad it is at taking pictures in the dark.

Waiting around the camp fire until the pirate came to lead us to the boat.

Calvin was throwing a tantrum because we wouldn't let him play near the fire or run off alone into the dark woods.

A post-cruise photo with the pirate who drove our boat.

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MaryRuth said...

I'm glad it was cold and snowy... I hope you guys froze.