Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Shopping

We wanted to find a fun place to buy some pumpkins and have a fall experience, so after some online searching, I found a local garden nursery with a "Pumpkin Land" in the back. There was a maze, little houses to play in, animals to feed and pet, pumpkins to buy, tunnels to explore, blow up bounce toys for small children, and even neighboring train tracks that were much more interesting to the boy than anything else.

Honestly, in theory it was a fun place, but really they need to clean it up. It was filthy. There was trash all over the ground and in the animal stalls. There were also mice EVERYWHERE, crawling in animal cages, swimming in their drinking water, and scurrying over every possible surface. It was disgusting. I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just saying, if you're going to charge someone to look at your farm animals and walk through your corn, you should pay some high school student minimum wage to pick the place up and set some traps or adopt a few cats so the place doesn't feel like such a health hazard.

Overall, we had fun, but didn't stay too long. Calvin loved the passing trains much more than any of the festivities inside the fence. We got our pumpkins, and Calvin, as always, managed to find a lollipop for us to buy him. We then grabbed dinner at Noodles and Company. We had bought Calvin a new little train, and he was amazing. He ate a whole bowl of mac and cheese, and then played quietly with his train the rest of the time. Andy said it was unfair that he only used to get a toy if he was good and behaved while eating out, yet Calvin gets a toy before he's even good. For some reason, Andy never likes my stories about how with 8 kids in the family, I never got new toys and never ate out at all. I feel no sadness for him or for Calvin.

A fun day with my boys. I love how cute they are together, especially in their matching orange shirts.

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