Tuesday, October 13, 2009

End of Summer

Although I couldn't be more delighted that fall is here, there are a few things that I will miss about summer.
  • The closest Costco to us is about 20 minutes away, and right next door is a Papa John's pizza place. Several times this summer we would make our Costco run, pick up a pizza, and then go to a nearby church to sit on the lawn and eat. Calvin would grab a slice and run around the lawn while Andy and I sat and enjoyed the picnic.
  • Jumping on the trampoline with the little guy, especially the impromptu games like putting a resin garden fox in the middle and watching it move all over as we jumped around, and holding hands to dance around and sing "Ring around the Rosie," both of which made him laugh hysterically.
  • Long walks around the neighborhood. One night a tiny black kitten followed us around the yard, so we took him on our walk. Then a large cat followed us, and finally a big yellow lab saw us all the way home. Andy is our own Dr. Doolittle - animals love him and come to him wherever we go.
  • Trips to the canyon - throwing rocks in the water, wading down the the shallow parts of the river, picnics with Trolley salads, playing on the playground with mean kids, nice kids, and gross kids that sneezed a lot and wiped their hands all over everything.
  • Calvin climbing into bed with us each morning and waking up to him pretend snoring in my face, kicking his dad in the ribs, or sitting on one of our faces.
  • Calvin's first dentist visit. The bully in the waiting room that terrorized all of the other kids and apparently had no mother. He pushed Calvin over and I had a stern talk with him. After that he asked my permission to do everything. Kind of funny. His mom never did come forward. The dentist had a big room with five chairs and he just rotated to the different kids, so they all had the chance to watch the other kids scream and kick before it was their turn. Seems like a bad idea, and an overall horrible experience. At least the boy's teeth were squeaky clean.
  • Trying to describe Grandpa's electric fence to the boy and why he shouldn't touch it. I made buzzing noises and shook like I was being electrocuted, and Calvin laughed until he cried.
  • On a particularly difficult day of mothering, Calvin brought the hose into the back door and drenched the wood floors and rugs all over the kitchen. In the process of trying to mop up water, the neighbor's cat kept running into the house and I would carry him out. By the time I was finished, I was soaking wet and completely covered with thick cat hair. There are reasons I do not have pets.
  • On a really windy day, Calvin tried to run against the wind and it was pushing him back. He ran and laughed until he had tears streaming down his face. Every little thing that I take for granted is a new and exciting experience for him.
  • When Andy's around, he takes the boy to the park across the street almost daily. The two of them always come home with abandoned baseballs and soccer balls. Calvin loves climbing around the batting cages and running as fast as he can through the endless fields.
  • Spending time with Grandpa at his farm. Calvin will go right up to the cows, touching them and feeding them. When the chickens were out of their pens, they would follow him around the field like little ducklings. Calvin loves those nasty chickens.
  • An always naked little boy.

Blowing dandelions.

Blowing bubbles.

Long hours spent on slides, swings, and in sandboxes.

Early morning outings to walk through the wet grass.

Picking plums and peaches from our own trees and enjoying one half while Calvin ate the other.

Long nights. Beautiful weather. Bare feet in the lush, green grass. Two boys I adore and can't get enough of.

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MaryRuth said...

I love your recap! I need to do something similar... I have a ton of summer stuff I haven't blogged about!