Friday, March 13, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Curls

People in public have said "what a cute little girl" one too many times lately, which doesn't concern me as much as the fact that he's started to look like a raggedy little orphan. So for better or worse it was time to move to Andy's way of thinking, and we decided that we should do it before going on our trip,

Today I put the boy in the sink, let him play in the water, and took it all off. I know it's stupid to be sentimental about hair, but as his darling wispy curls fell off onto the floor I felt so sad. I wish I hadn't taken off as much as I did, but I know it will always grow back. He was a champ and didn't wiggle at all. He looks like an entirely different kid.

(please pardon the dirty mirror. I wash it all the time, but he continuously puts his little fingerprints all over it.)

I need to take a bit more off of his bangs, but in general I like it more than I thought I would. You just can't go wrong with that face.