Friday, March 27, 2009

Travel Quirks

Calvin developed some funny little habits while we were on the road. I'm sure I can't remember all of them, but here are some of my favorites.

He wanted to be in his stroller at all times. Even in the hotel room, he would climb up in it to watch tv.

He could open the doors of the hotel room, so he would constantly escape and run around the halls. When I tried to take a shower or take my eyes off of him for two seconds, this was a problem. We ended up barricading the door with chairs at all times.

The Pack-n-Play that the hotel left in the room was fitted with soft bedding and could have been his very own little haven. However, he flat out refused to sleep in it. He would scream and scream until we took him out and put him into bed with us rather than chance upsetting the neighbors.

Luckily we had a huge king sized bed, but rather than sleeping the way we put him, he would always turn horizontally in between us. I would always get his cute head on my shoulder or stomach, and Andy would always get two tiny feet kicking him in the head, ribs, or stomach.

Also, we let him have a bottle at nights so he would go straight to sleep, but no matter how far asleep he was when he finished the bottle, he would always get up and crawl to the end of the bed, tossing the empty bottle onto the floor before crawling back to the pillow and going to sleep.