Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sixteen Months Old Today

Dear Calvin,
  • you now have 12 teeth - 4 molars, 5 in the top middle, and 3 in the bottom middle.
  • you could live on milk and cheese fish and never miss anything else.
  • every few days you try a new word. Your standards are uh-oh, fish, duck, ball, apple, go, and ta-da!
  • anytime you see a lion, tiger, bear, or giraffe you growl at it loudly.
  • you love your train set and play with it so gently and precisely. You guide it carefully up and down the hills so that it doesn't become derailed, make train noises, and drive it around and around the tracks.
  • you've been able to explore the outdoors at length now that the snow has melted. In fact you have started bringing us our shoes and coats, and then standing at the door whining like a puppy eager to get out. Your favorite things to do are jump on the trampoline, go down the slide both forwards and backwards, and go for long walks.
  • in the mornings you wake up early so we bring you into our bed where you watch cartoons, eat graham crackers, and drink milk. It usually ends with you jumping on our heads and biting our faces. You have so much energy and it's my favorite time of day with you.
  • whenever your dad and I are hugging or kissing, you run to us and want to get up. When we pick you up, you wrap one arm around each of our necks and pull us into a big group hug. It's adorable.
  • when we're all walking, you'll run in between us, grab our hands, and let your legs buckle underneath you so that we'll swing you up in the air.
You are brilliant, funny, sweet, lovable and the best part of every day. We are so grateful that 16 months ago today you came to live in our home.


Mom and Dad