Sunday, March 15, 2009


Since Andy has been traveling a ton lately, and this time he's going somewhere warm and wonderful instead of to a random secluded military base, we decided that Calvin and I would tag along.

Today we arrived in Tampa after a four hour flight. The airport wasn't bad. We had one melt down in the security line when the boy saw his blanket in my backpack and I wouldn't give it to him because the camera was wrapped in it. After that we gave him some breakfast and let him run around looking at planes through the windows. We have a little Eric Carle book with a picture of an airplane in it, and he'll just sit and stare at it without turning the pages for long intervals. Yesterday as he was looking at the book and at the real thing, he started saying "uh-ohplane." I think it's the closest he can come up with at this point. It's adorable.

He was so great on the plane. Besides trying to steal the grapes from the lady sitting next to us, he was a model flyer and the stewardesses loved him once again. The plane landed early, we got our luggage, picked up our rental, and we found ourselves in the middle of a gorgeous Florida afternoon.

Andy's parents will be pleased to know that our rental was a Prius.

The first thing we noticed were the heat and the humidity as 84 degrees hit us, dressed in our long jeans and long sleeved shirts. Don't believe me? Look at the car display temperature. Yeah, in MARCH!
We found our hotel, grabbed a few things to stock up our fridge, and let Calvin run around and around the halls of the hotel. He loves that they make a large loop, and could entertain himself for hours.