Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Chompers and Midnight Madness

The last week or so has been hellish. The week that the in-laws were here, I got really sick with a chest cold. As soon as they left, Andy got it and then Calvin followed shortly thereafter. Calvin's sickness has held on the longest. He has the saddest cough, and a white-trash dirty nose all the time, no matter how many times a day we wipe it. He also had a few days of 100+ degree temperature. The tricky thing is, he also has 6 teeth currently cutting their way through his little gums - four molars and 2 in the front sides. He won't eat, he can't sleep, he is clingy and sad, and miserable - and as a result, so are we.

The biggest problem is sleep. He coughs so much that he wakes himself up every half hour or so, and instead of going back to sleep he cries and cries. The other night he woke up at about midnight and was inconsolable. Since Andy and I were still up, I finally gave up trying to calm him down and took him downstairs. He was ecstatic! He sat down with his dad and watched him play his video game, ate cheese snacks off of the floor, ran over to the game cupboard, opened up the cards and threw them everywhere, then he jumped on the couch, then he ran around and around the basement, then he played with his train, and then he jumped on the couch again. When we put him back to bed at 1am, he cried and cried. And of course, he was back up again by 7am, as playful as ever.

Monday night we went and bought a cough suppressing humidifier and baby nutrient drinks so he would get something substantial while he won't eat. He seems so much better today (except for the eternally snotty nose). I hope he can kick it soon.

Sorry we've disappeared off the face of the earth. Hopefully things are on their way back to normal.