Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sea World

I have never been to Sea World and have always wanted to go, so Friday Andy got off work a bit early and we went. It was a bit different than I had expected, but overall it was really fun. The best part was that every time we saw a new animal, Calvin would say, "WOW" in the cutest little voice. He's never said it before, so it was funny that it came out when there were so many new and exciting things to see.


Dolphins are so cute. I want some badly as pets. They were playful and fun and Calvin adored them.


We bought some fish and fed the rays. You could put your hands down in and pet them, and they'd swim right up to you. We had a freak out moment when one sucked on Calvin's pudgy hand and C even pulled him out of the water he was latched on so hard. I didn't get any pictures because I was freaking out, but the boy took it all in stride.

Sea Dragons:
I just put this one because I have never heard of a Sea Dragon and it was the coolest thing ever. It was like a sea plant with a face. It was crazy. Apparently they're found in Australia. I can't wait to go back there - they have ALL the cool stuff!

Cute Gazing Pictures:

The Shamu show was this whole dramatic presentation where they start with all of the veterans in the audience standing up and we all clapped, and then they talked about how the people of the world are all connected, and then they have music and a movie screen, and despite knowing full well that they were trying to emotionally manipulate me, I caved and got a bit teary eyed. And then they had the little girl who wanted to be a soccer player and they let her touch the whales and told her she could be anything at all that she wanted to be. And then I got mad at my parents because they didn't tell me I could be a whale trainer or a marine biologist or anything fun and I only aspired to be a teacher. I felt bitter and like I had a wasted life when there was so much out there to do and be. Thanks a lot Shamu. Anyway. The show was good and the boy loved it. The best part was when they teach you this whale dance thing with your hands and you chant Shamu over and over and then the whale comes out and drenches the audience. Good times had by all.
And we were all happy. And warm. The End.