Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This and That

Last night I was up until 4am reading this:

It was shocking because I had a really hard time getting into it (it took me a month to read the first 200 pages. Ouch!), but then last night I couldn't put it down. Which is unfortunate, as tonight I will be up late watching this (while working of course):

When my sister-in-law Rebekah suggested that Gaskell might be just as good as Austen, I was saddened by her betrayal, but then when she went so far as to put North and South on the same level as BBC's Pride&Prejudice, I secretly loathed her for her heresy. But now I don't know. Maybe she was onto something....

And since some people don't care about my reading habits and just want this to be a shrine to the boy, here's your daily dose of Calvin:

Yesterday we went to the library to get him some fresh books and he takes them with him everywhere. This was at breakfast - he wouldn't put them down. I had to jam oatmeal into his mouth around the pages. Also, he threw his first very public, very embarrassing temper tantrum yesterday. He arched his back and screamed and kicked, and when I wouldn't let him down (because he kept running outside via the automatic doors), he took a big swipe and knocked everything off the librarians desk. His temper is very present this week. Ugh. I hate that he's hitting the bratty stage early. But then he'll giggle like crazy when I tickle him, or hug my neck as tight as he can while kissing my cheek, and all is forgiven.