Wednesday, June 10, 2009

19 Months Old

Dear Calvin,

Not much has changed since last month. You have added a few words to your vocabulary. RahRah for Rabbit, WahWah for Koala, CoCo for helicopter, and "down". You never say cow or cat or any other simple word. It amazes me that you pick the difficult, unnecessary words to learn. I'm not sure how often apple, oval, and koala come in handy for you at this age. You tend to like things complicated, I guess. You get that from your father. Since not much else has changed, I'll tell you a few of my favorite moments from your last couple of weeks.

You have recently become obsessed with the Wii Fit. You will pull it out a dozen times a day and whine until someone turns it on and lets you rock on the board, pretending you're a penguin catching fish.

The other day you took out my acrylic paints and lined them all up neatly in a row. I love your little perfectionist personality.

When we finished lunch the other day, you had made a mess so I took off your shirt and pants. When I left you, you were still wearing your diaper and your onesie. I went to the laundry room for two seconds to drop off the dirty clothes, and when I came back you were gone. I looked all around, and finally looked out in the backyard to see this:

Here is you dipping your airplane into the cheese, and then "flying" it into your mouth:

You also love hearing us count. Any time we count things, you'll have us do it over and over. You've also started pulling our fingers towards a picture you want us to point at and name for you. Reading time is still a favorite, and you love hearing words repeated over and over again.

We love you Monkey. You are a laugh a minute and we love every second that we have to be your parents. We are grateful that 19 months ago you came to live in our home.


Mom and Dad

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Smith Clan said...

I love your little streaker. He has such a funny personality. He gets cuter & cuter every day.