Friday, June 26, 2009

Las Vegas and Zion - Day 4 (June 18)

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel and the nice hotel man gave Calvin another bunch of lettuce to feed the swans. We checked out of our hotel, picked up Danny, the ladies, and all of their luggage, and then they all humored me as we went to back to the Venetian to ride on the gondolas. Our rower was named Aldo, and after his awkward singing of an Italian ballad, Calvin started to freak out because he wanted to jump into the water. Aldo was a great sport, and actually sang like 7 versus of Old MacDonald had a farm in his adorable accent, complete with animal noises.

Here are our gondola ride pictures:

After the boat ride, we grabbed some Subway, stocked up on soda, shampoo, and DVD's at Target, and then hit the road and headed north toward Zion National Park.

Our adorable little cabins at Zion Lodge, just inside the park. We were next door neighbors with D&A, with a door connecting our rooms. The boy was in heaven, running back and forth between our place and theirs.

Cute girls on the porch.

Our darling model Ariana. The insides of the cabins were cute and clean. They didn't have a tv, but God bless them, they did have wireless! (Thanks Annette for the pictures!)

The air was fresh and woodsy. I met a deer after dark that let me come right up to her and touch her nose. The sky was dark and the stars were gorgeous. It was all of the perks of camping, without any of the discomfort. We love it here!

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