Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Habits

I was able to finish training sooner than anticipated, so we left Wednesday night to come back up to PA before Calvin went to bed. Unfortunately there was a rain storm like I've never seen before - the water was a solid sheet in front of our windshield, and the lightning, which was about 20 seconds apart, blinded you for a good 5 seconds before you could see the road again. Cars were pulled over all along the side of the road to wait out the storm, and the visibility was non-existent, so we went back to our hotel and spent the night there. We left at 7am on Thursday morning and were able to see Calvin just as he was finishing up breakfast. We have never left him over night before and I couldn't believe how much we missed him.

We were only gone for 2 full days and already his grandparents taught him bad habits. Here's what we came home to in the morning:

(Two disclaimers: I look horrible because we had been driving all morning and I hadn't showered yet. And second, it's just root beer.)

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Liberty said...

That is funny! Cute picture :)