Thursday, June 25, 2009

Las Vegas - Day 2 (June 16)

Last night we pulled one of the queen mattress off of the frame and onto the floor for the boy. He woke up at 3:00am and wandered over to the door, trying to get out. He was running around and hyper until about 4:00am when I was finally able to get him to go back to bed. He woke up again at 6:30am. Andy and I went downstairs to try and find some milk for him and I was amazed at how many people were up (or just hadn't gone to bed yet) at that hour.

At around 9:00am we met D,A, & Co. downstairs at the hotel buffet for breakfast. Andy and I took turns eating while the boy screamed and screamed and screamed. It was awesome. He was exhausted after his night of frolicking, so we took him upstairs right after breakfast for a nap. He wouldn't sleep.

We decided we needed to change hotels for the following reasons:
  • we had requested a non-smoking room, and the door and all of the signs said non-smoking, but the entire room was a huge cloud of pollution that made Calvin's eyes water and Andy have a sore throat.
  • I was required to work while we were there. In the room there was no wireless and the antique internet cable had a broken prong, so the cord would fall out, I would become disconnected, and all of my work would be lost if I was even so presumptuous as to dare to breathe.
  • It's Vegas. People are up and slamming doors and running down halls at all hours.
  • There was no bathtub, only a shower stall. Bath time is a big part of the boy's bed time routine, so the spit baths in the hotel sink weren't as effective as we would have liked.
  • The toilet didn't flush.
So after much deliberation (since we didn't want to leave the same hotel our bff's were in), Andy called the Embassy Suites about a mile off the strip and got us a room. We couldn't get in until 3:00pm, so we cleaned out our room, checked out, and then went back down to the buffet to get some lunch before leaving. While we were in line, Calvin fell asleep on my shoulder. We asked for a quiet booth, they led us to one in the corner, we laid C on the cushy seat, and he slept there for over an hour. Andy and I were able to talk and eat at a leisurely pace. It was the best, most quiet part of the last two days.

When we got to the E.S. we were pleased to find that they had swans, just like they'd had in D.C. These ones were named Elvis and Priscilla. They were much more active than George and Martha, and C loved chasing them up and down the pond. One of the hotel staff even came out with a huge pan of lettuce and let the boy feed them. Our room was clean and huge. Andy took the boy down to the pool while I caught up on some work, and then we met up with the others for dinner - hotel buffet once again (we bought an all day buffet pass. I think we'll skip that in the future).

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday. As soon as we met up with the others in the hotel after we both arrived in Vegas, Danny said, "so what do we call him? Cal? Vin? Vinny?" So Vinny has kind of stuck. That's what everyone calls him, and I even find myself thinking of him as "Vinny" when I go to call his name. Seems like an appropriate name for him while visiting Sin City.

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Smith Clan said...

Oh, the joys of staying in a hotel with young children. Audrey likes to wake up around 5ish when we stay out of town. NO matter what time we went to bed. I'm glad little "Vinny" figured out how to get a morning nap in while there.