Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trains, Swans, and Other Stuff...

Andy's brother Gary lives close to a train track, so he invited us over so Calvin could watch the trains go by.
The men watching and waiting...

C and A watching and waiting.

Some air time with daddy.

Sitting by the tracks and waiting some more.

Walking with Grandpa.

Playing with Daddy.

Andy giving up on the train and saying it was time to go.

We never did see a train come by, but Calvin was completely happy. He played with Gary's two Jack Russel Terriers, ate a strawberry snow cone, and threw a lot of rocks. He didn't know he was missing out on anything at all. Besides, it was fun to see Gary and his son Stephen even if we didn't get to see a train.

After the boy's nap, we drove down to VA where we were staying for the night. Grandma and Grandpa followed us, and we all went swimming in the hotel pool which Calvin loved. After swimming we went out for steak, and then said a sad goodbye as they drove back to PA.

At the hotel they have a big pond in the middle with two swans named George and Martha. C loved them, and it was all we could do to keep him in the room. The brought us a nice crib, and we all had a really good night as we prepared to leave for home early in the morning.


MaryRuth said...

Hooray for comments! And I love the swans names!

Liberty said...

So sorry you missed the train...but if you come to Chicago, you can see one every few's train heaven! (unless you are trying to get somewhere on the other side of the tracks!)

Emma said...

Chicago is one of my top five favorite cities I've ever been to. Next time we're there, we'll look you up and we can all go train watching. I'm sure you would just love it!

Smith Clan said...

I love the swans in the hotel. Audrey would be climbing in & trying to catch them though. And I thought your momnlaw was swimming without a bathing suit. Until I enlarged the picture that is.