Friday, June 26, 2009

Zion National Park - Day 5 (June 19)

Today we spent the day on various hiking trails.

Shuttle to the Trails:
Calvin wearing Lindsey's sunglasses, thinking he was hot stuff.

Riverside Walk Trail:
Tough guys holding up the rocks.

There were chipmunks and squirrels everywhere and they had no fear of people. This one was in our backpack. Another one, Calvin bent down to pet, and the squirrel actually nibbled on his fingers (I always think of Carrie Bradshaw saying, squirrels are just rats in fancier dresses), and then the best encounter: Calvin bent down like he was going to pet a chipmunk, so the poor unsuspecting animal came right up to him like he was going to nibble on his fingers. The boy pulled his hand back a bit, and before anyone had a clue what he was doing, Whack! he smacked the chipmunk as hard as he could. Poor little thing ran off like the devil was after him.

Emerald Pools Trail:

This trail was gorgeous. Unfortunately, we started the hike a bit late, so we had to hurry to beat the dark, but there were lower, middle, and upper pools. You could hear bull frogs all through the woods. The trails were steep and had long drops, but we saw waterfalls and cool rock formations. My stupid disposable camera didn't work on most of the pics because it was dark, but it was by far my favorite hike of the day.

A few random shots of the canyons:

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Margaret said...

Ok, sorry, but MY favorite moment from this day is that your son smacked a chipmunk.

I think that's gonna make me laugh for a LONG time.

hee hee