Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bryce Canyon National Park - Day 7 (June 21)

Bryce was very different than Zion, but it was great in its own way. In Zion the cliffs were all around you, but in Bryce you had to hike out to be in the middle of them. Bryce had the coolest formations though that seemed to defy gravity. We went on several short hikes throughout the day, and here are some of my favorite pictures (okay, let's be honest. I'm including all of the pictures I took, even though they're crappy disposable camera shots):


Renee' said...

Beautiful pics Emma. Some of them look like they could be postcards. Good job.

Smith Clan said...

It's so pretty there. Once again, I am missing Utah! I've always wanted to go to Bryce Canyon when there was snow. Maybe someday.