Monday, July 27, 2009

First Bee Sting

We have lots of wasps around our house, so it's always worried me that Calvin likes to try to catch them mid-air, or poke at their nests when he finds them. We have a ton less than we used to because the yard was so overgrown when we moved in and Andy has stayed on top of things, but we still have a few new nests pop up every week.

It's strange that Calvin is often around wasps, yet it was one lone bee on the deck by his little pool that just landed on his tummy and stung him for no reason. Calvin whimpered a bit and swatted at the bee, but that was about it. We had a small operation to pull out the stinger, but overall it didn't seem to faze him too much. I took this picture to document his first bee sting, and then I realized how his elbows are all scraped up and he has bruises all over his legs. Poor little boy looks so beat up. He climbs on everything and has no fears. He's all rambunctious, adventurous, tenacious little boy.

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