Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Father's Day! (June 21)

Since this year we were traveling for Father's Day, we didn't really do much. Calvin and I had a couple of presents for him when we got home, but in general, besides spending time with their families, it wasn't a very special day for Andy and Danny. I didn't want to miss saying some of the things we love about Andy as a daddy.

He has an amazing amount of patience. He was the one on the floor with the boy, moving his arms and legs back and forth trying to teach him to crawl. He is the one that can spend hours, sitting with him building block fortresses or playing with trains. He is the one that spent countless amounts of time going up and down the stairs teaching C to do it on his own. He is always tender with Calvin and saves all of his grumpiness just for me. He always talks slowly and repeats himself, emphasizing words so that Calvin will learn to speak on his own. He will talk about our budget, and be strict about his own expenditures, but as soon as Calvin finds a toy he thinks he has to have, his dad is a softy and always buys it for him. He always makes sure all of his physical and emotional needs are taken care of, and plans so carefully for the boy to have the best life he possibly can. He is an incredible father. I can't imagine any luckier kid than Calvin is for having him as a dad. Happy Father's Day, My Lover!


Smith Clan said...

Did you really just call him "my lover" on your blog? And he was worried about comments!!!!

Emma said...

Your comment made me laugh so hard. Too bad I can't share it with my man, he'd make me change it AND turn off the comments. :-)

Smith Clan said...

I was worried that you would never speak to me again for being so obnoxious. I'm glad that you are laughing and not offended by my strange comments that I leave up. And, no, YOU make me laugh.