Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day

July 24th is the day we Utahns celebrate the day that settlers arrived to set up shop out here in the wild west. It's always a big hurrah with fireworks, parades, rodeos, etc.. Today it was fun to celebrate in our new city, with all of its small town charm. Here are the highlights:

MR talked me into going to the parade. I know it makes me a bad person, but I hate parades. I hate all of the pushy people trying to get to the front of hoards of people, I hate the rude people that put up huge umbrellas so no one behind them can see, I hate the endless bands that play the same song over and over, I hate that it's inevitably hot and uncomfortable and boring.

This one was really fun though. There were no huge crowds camping out for three days as if a celebrity was going to walk by in the 4th of July Provo Parade, so we got a great spot on some nice ladies lawn; the whole thing was done, start to finish in 30 minutes; everyone walking in the parade was throwing candy and OtterPops, and they all threw it right at Calvin and Little Buddy; and I actually knew quite a few people in this parade. It was quaint and cute and fun. I've decided I love this small town stuff.

Me and the boy posing.

I just loved that some random 3 year old was riding his horse down main street and waving at people. Adorable.

Without any prompting our coaching, Calvin clapped for every float, fire truck, band, horse, and even dog.

Later that night the city put on a firework display that was really quite impressive. We learned last week that the rich man who lives up the hill, at whose ostentatious house we always stare, actually donated his time and thousands of dollars worth of fireworks towards this show. Apparently it's a hobby of his, so he puts it on with very little cost to the city, and it was really a fantastic show. The best part?

It was in the park right across from our house. We had front row seats - right on our back deck. All of our neighbors came by that day to tell us they were jealous. I couldn't tell of they were angling for an invitation, but instead we invited over the family members who weren't still sweltering and vomiting in the desert of Arizona. We made smores on the little deck fire, ate watermelon and ice cream, and had a fun time visiting in the privacy of our own space while watching hundreds of people gather across the street.

Everyone on our deck.

Jared and Alicia's family. I love the cute girls in their tiny lawn chairs.

Riah and Curtis. I think they're sleeping. (Umm, sorry about the angle guys, but it was the only one I took of you. You look great, I promise!)

MR and Little Buddy. He seemed to like these fireworks, unlike the 4th of July ones at home in Texas that freaked him out.


A very bad sampling of the magic. That's the line of our roof in the photo.

Andy and the boy. Calvin really seemed to enjoy them.

No one cares about this picture, but I found it amazing. The park was so packed, and cars were literally bumper to bumper on every street within blocks. This is in front of our house after the show. Our quiet little street was flooded with traffic that took a half hour to clear out. It's apparently a really big event around here.

After the fireworks, we went out on the driveway and did sparklers for the kids.

Aysha twirling.

Alicia and the magic baby that never cries.

Maria taking it very seriously.

A few weeks ago was my brother's birthday. Once he blew out the candles on the cake, C was going crazy so we relighted the candles and let him have a go of it. Ever since then he's been trying to blow everything out. Here's Calvin doing his best to blow out the sparklers.

MR and cute, tired Little Buddy.

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