Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bryce Canyon and Back Home (June 22 - 26)

Monday morning we checked out of Ruby's Inn and headed on the scenic route back towards Utah Valley. After a fun week of Vegas and national parks, Danny, Annette, Ariana, and Lindsey came back home with us to spend a few days. We had a great time and they were fantastic house guests - Danny cleaned and detailed our car inside and out - no small feat after the mess we made while traveling - and Annette scrubbed out my silverware drawer. Seriously. Can you imagine better house guests?

We mostly hung around the house, but we did manage to roast s'mores, play croquet, visit a water park (where it rained, but they all kept going on the sling shot tube like excited little kids because the lines were short and the ride was fun), cook out on the grill, play lots of Wii and PS3 especially Little Big Planet where the girls screamed and laughed and sounded like mad women, play with the cat that Lindsey named Ginger, Annette jumped on the trampoline and ran with Calvin with the energy of a 10 year old, went out to eat at PF Changs, pulled out the attitude at Z'Tejas when they messed up most of our meals, watched Calvin drag Lindsey everywhere he went, had long conversations about baby names and that farm game on Facebook, ate lots of chocolate, watched Paul Blart, Taken, and the Shopaholic movie, ate delicious ice cream at ColdStone, and I'm sure there's more that I don't remember at the moment. We loved having them here and were so sad to see them go - especially Calvin who had so many friends to play with and never a dull moment. We miss you guys! Come back soon! Here are a few pictures from the week, but mostly random ones as I tried to use up my disposable cameras so I could get them developed.

We bought this blow up pool for the boy, but it had a slide that he'd go down and always face-plant in the water. We started to worry about him drowning when no one was watching, so this is Andy squeezing the air out of it to take it back. This is his hang-loose sign because it looks like he's on a surf board.

Looking for Annette in the guest room.

He started out looking for Annette in the guest bathroom - now I don't know what he's looking for.

Cute LuLa in the tent tunnels.

Time for S'mores - roasted on the back deck in the fire pit.

Smart and sassy Ariana posing for the camera.

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OMG! LOL I so did NOT scrub out your silverware drawer LOL.