Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zoo Day (June 29)

We always give my younger siblings a hard time about the cushy lifestyle they have - they have cars, cell phones, their own bedrooms, a big, fancy house all to themselves...very different from us older kids. My youngest brother Jesse for years has said, "yeah, well at least you've been to the zoo. I've never been to the zoo!" So on his second to last day as a normal civilian, we all loaded up and headed to the zoo.

In theory, it was a lovely trip. We spent time as a family, saw all of the animals, enjoyed a show or two. But the reality was, it was 102 degrees outside, I had stayed up until 5am the night before finishing up work and was up by 7am for our trip, and I was hungry! Exhausted, starving, and sweltering for me was a bad combination. I had a mid-day meltdown after a bad work email (sorry guys) and then the rest of the day was more enjoyable. Here are some of the pictures that I like best:

Family at the entrance of the park - when we were still cool and excited about the day ahead.

Carrie and Aysha

The World Wildlife Fund carousel, where profits go to help preserve wildlife:

Calvin watching the desert animals. I love the way he climbed up on everything to get a better look.

Way too much time spent with the gorilla statue:

Cute little guy, nestled in the monkey arms.

Both of us posing.

Not sure why this one seemed necessary at the time.

Carrie and her boyfriend.

Oh yeah, and let's not forget about Mariah breast feeding...

The adorable little train:

When the ride was over, Calvin grabbed on to the rail and screamed. I had to pry his fingers loose and drag him off. I'm guessing he liked the train ride.

He loved the misting machine by the lion's cage.

Calvin and Aby climbing the fence to get a better view of Mr. Giraffe.

Somewhere I have pictures of myself as a three year old getting a drink out of this fountain, so it was fun to have a chance for Calvin to do the same thing.

Miriam was in these hot Pajamas all day. I have no idea why her parents wanted to torture her in the 102 degree weather, but she was all smiles the entire time. This kid never cries. She is always quiet and adorable and sometimes we forget she even exists. One time Calvin shoved a large potato chip in her mouth, and she didn't make a peep. (Sorry Leash, I meant to tell you about my kid almost choking yours). I want a kid just like this.

The Bird Show:
Maria loved the birds and went right up to the owl. The announcer got mad at her, and she was embarrassed. She just wanted so badly to see the birds up close.

Carrie and Aysha on the big brass elephant.

We were tired. We needed to sit.

The Boy's favorite monkey.

Leaving the zoo for the day. See how we happy we look to be going home?


Smith Clan said...

That gorilla had to have been a DD cup or something. Scary! At least you guys enjoyed it. Your belly is so cute now. Ahhhhhh!

The Boone Family said...

It makes me feel sad that I was probably the reason for a mid-afternoon meltdown!! I'm sorry!!! I love the pictures!!!

Emma said...

HS: I know, it's gross that they're so big. I can't remember why we were so fixated on them. I guess we're just messed up and have a thing for gorilla jugs.

RB: It wasn't your fault - it was MY fault I messed up, you were just the messenger. We wish you guys had been there!

MaryRuth said...

that picture of Mariah breast feeding is disturbing on so many levels but it makes me laugh!

Your pictures are awesome! thanks for posting!

MaryRuth said...

and that picture of Maria with the bird makes me sad... she was so happy and then the stupid guy yelled at her. Cute Maria!