Saturday, July 11, 2009

Third Wedding Anniversary (June 23)

(I saved all of our wedding pictures on a different computer. This is the only one I had on this laptop.)

For our anniversary we knew we would have company, so we went out before we went to Vegas. We got a babysitter for Calvin (thanks Carrie!) and went to SLC for our first real date night in a long time. We went to Z'Tejas, a tex-mex place that we love at the Gateway, and then went to see our boy Joel McHale at Abravenal Hall.

Joel ran out on the stage yelling, "hello, white people!" funny to anyone who's been to Utah and seen what a cultural melting-pot it isn't. He was hilarious. Much better in person than I even expected. His first 30 minutes or so dealt with celebrity stuff that was more of an extension of The Soup, like Tyra's lawsuit against him, etc. and then he did another 45 minutes of just stand up. He of course made some obligatory Utah and Mormon cracks, but he had obviously done his research and skipped the tired old jokes (like polygamy and how we have millions of kids) and was actually very funny. There was also a lot of prancing around on the stage like an inebriated leprechaun. I love love love him. It was fun to be out alone with Andy, feeling like we were young and in love again.

On our actual anniversary, Andy gave me a gorgeous Elsa Peretti necklace that I adore, and I gave him an AR-15 that he's been coveting for months. It was a good day to reflect and reminisce. The first few months of marriage are weird, so it's nice to have made it three years and to be even more in love with Andy than I ever could have imagined. He's my best friend, and I love every minute we are able to spend together. He is kind, loving, patient, intelligent, hilarious, nurturing, and the very best father. I feel so lucky to have him.


MaryRuth said...

it feels like you guys have married way loooooonger than three years.

Happy Anniversary!

Emma said...

I know, it feels like forever to me too. Most days in a good way, some days not so much.

Carrie said...

Wahoo! Round of applause for an awesome babysitter... Oh and for 3 long years!