Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My family has just enough Irish in us that we were required to sing Irish ballads every time we visited grandma, we get teary-eyed at the sound of bagpipes, and Conan O'Brien's visits to the homeland make for mandatory t.v. viewing. It's kind of a fun heritage because there is so much Irish national pride, and we are happy to take part in a small piece of that.

Growing up my mom would celebrate St. Patrick's Day with meals of Irish Stews and green Kool-aid. She encouraged Leprechaun hunts and we received prizes if we spotted one. Needless to say, it's one of my favorite holidays.

Today Carrie and I did our best to celebrate. We dyed dinner green and made our own Shamrock Shakes. We dressed up in green, but Calvin was just a wee bit small to be sending outside to look for leprechauns. We had a good time though and appreciated once again how much our sweet mother has always done to make our holidays magical.
We couldn't dye Calvin's sweet potatoes green. He didn't even eat them - just blew bubbles and made a mess.
It looks nasty, I realize, but it tasted good. We had green rice, green southwest chicken, green beans, and a green peppermint shake with a dollop of hot fudge sauce.
Carrie and Calvin looking great in green.
More cute Carrie and Calvin.
Carrie pretending to like my cooking.