Monday, March 3, 2008

Cross-eyed Calvin

Now that Calvin's a little older we don't have to worry quite so much about him scraping his face off with his fingernails. A couple of weeks ago however, I was cutting his nails while talking on the phone to Andy who was out of town. I wasn't paying attention and ended up cutting Calvin's finger. As blood pooled on his finger tip, he gave me a pouty "how could you?" look and then glared while I was adding band-aids to his wound. I felt horrible, so I have gone the last two weeks without trimming his nails.

Earlier this week as he was waking up and stretching, he caught his forehead with a nail and again drew blood. I can't win. I'm hurting the poor boy no matter what. The funny part of the experience was that he almost went cross-eyed trying to see the band-aid on his forehead. Obviously he could see it in his peripheral vision, and looked like he was giving himself a headache trying to see what it was. Then it became not funny again when daddy ripped out half of his eyebrow trying to get it off. This whole parenting thing is trickier than it sounds.