Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago we took Calvin to Kiddie Kandids to get professional photos for Spring (We couldn't post them before now because they were Easter gifts, and sneaky grandparents would have downloaded them early). Overall it was a bad experience, but we ended up with a couple of good shots. The photographer was horrible. She was rude, dumb, and unprofessional. She kept yanking Calvin's arms to position him, banging on the wooden platform to try and get his attention but it scared him instead, she would sit DOWN on the ground and make noises, and then get mad at him for not looking UP at the camera, and every time he smiled, she didn't take the picture. I'm not sure what she was waiting for on shots, but after 45 minutes of her Calvin had had enough. She was a nightmare.

Luckily for them, they had a good sales girl. She showed me different borders and different options for printing out the few good shots. I guess in the end as long as they make their sale, they don't care that their employees are dreadful. Maybe I'm the sucker since I ended up buying a $120 picture package just so I could have the CD containing 6 digital images. Apparently you can't buy JUST the CD. God bless capitalism. I always appreciate paying a premium for the worst possible service. In the end though, it was about getting some fun shots of Calvin to capture this age, and I think we succeeded in that.