Friday, September 5, 2008

Ten Months Old Today

Dear Calvin,

You are ten months old today, and are turning into a little boy full of energy, fun, and precociousness. We can barely keep up with your crawling all through the house, pulling things from cupboards, and plunging head first from every surface we put you on. Here are some of the highlights from the past month:

- You have started pointing at every person, animal, or thing that strikes your fancy. If you are interested in it, your chubby little pointer finger gets raised in that direction. It makes it a lot easier for those of us trying to figure out what you're looking at or what you want to touch/pick up/play with.
- You have started jabbering incessantly. You don't make a bit of sense, but you take whatever you are saying very seriously. You talk in the car, talk while playing with toys, talk while taking walks, talk talk talk. The other day you grabbed my face in your little hands, looked me directly in the eye, and chattered softly with your head cocked to the side. I knew just what you meant and said, "I love you too." You melt my heart with your sweet baby language.
-Last week I went out with some friends, and when I came home daddy had taught you to flush the toilet with your foot. Such a talent.
-You love brushing your teeth. Usually you let me brush them for about 30 seconds before you take the brush away to do it yourself.
-Bath time is still your favorite part of the day. We have a slip issue about once a week where you hurt yourself, but that doesn't stop you from playing rowdily anytime you get near water.
-You have great eye/hand coordination. You love to play a game where we sit in a circle and pass a ball back and forth.

Every day you make us laugh. You have a hilarious personality and do the most amusing things. Every day you make us happy. Every day you make us excited for what is yet to come, and sad that time is moving so quickly. Your dad and I both think that you are the greatest little miracle we have ever witnessed. We feel so fortunate that ten months ago today, you came to live in our home.

We love you!


If ever you are missing, this is usually where we find you.