Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday is a day of rest?

We haven't grabbed any shots on Sunday for a long time, so I thought we should today. Here's the best one. (Notice that Andy is not wearing a tie. He doesn't like to put a tie on before we leave, for some reason. He just grabs one off the tie rack, shoves it in his pocket, and puts it on when we get there. Today when he pulled it out of his pocket, it was a black silky dress sash instead of a tie. It made us laugh. Even a blind man could tell a dress sash from a neck tie.)

And this one shows why church at 2:30pm is a horrible idea... There are no kids that do well with it in our congregation, but Calvin is one of the worst. It is right at his nap time, and he does not appreciate the interruption. Here is a picture of his weekly meltdown.

I used to love Sundays. It was a day to see friends, feel happy, take a nap, eat good food my mom made, and so forth. Now I hate them. Sundays seem to be yet another sad casualty of getting old and taking on responsibility. My boys are cute though, and that makes me happy.