Saturday, September 13, 2008


The other day Andy and I forgot something, so he asked if I wanted to be dropped at the front door or at the garage to run in and get it. I responded simply "garage" in what may have been a slightly husky voice, considering the unexpected question. Well, apparently, Andy thought it was hilariously guttural and chain-smoker hag sounding, because he kept saying "garage" in this nasty voice through the whole drive. My point is only that it is the context behind the following scene:

So whenever something strikes Calvin's funny bone, we do/say it a million times over until he's tired of laughing. That's just how desperate we are to entertain him and be the favorite parent of the day. Andy won the role yesterday when he reenacted the car scene on the unsuspecting child. I think if you're mocking the other parent, it should be against the rules to do it a million times. It's a dang cute clip though and it makes me happy to sound like a truck driver for his and Andy's (and now your) enjoyment. This is the end of it when he is mostly tired of laughing.