Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two New Teeth

This has been a rough and grumpy week for Calvin. Sunday he was more clingy and whiny than usual, and we saw right away that he had two top teeth right below the surface of his gums. By Tuesday the tooth on his left came poking through, and today the right tooth finally made its way out. They are two sharp little spikes, and he has been a real trooper having them both come in at once. Today he was a completely different kid. He was all smiles again, and it was fun to have our happy boy back with all of the surface breaking finished.

This picture is of us making him laugh, not torturing him like we did the last time we wanted to get a glimpse of a new tooth.

(ignore the mac and cheese sauce up his nose)

This picture is of him playing toss and catch with his dad. He's just about to throw it, and is pretty good about catching it against his body. His dad thinks he's going to be a tennis player one day. In fact, you would think I was lying (and you would be incorrect) if I told you that Andy had wanted to name him Pete Sampras Nelson. He's still holding out for that name when boy #2 comes along. Hopefully I'll still be around to stop the madness and give the boy a respectable name like Larry Bird Nelson.