Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm Going Home...

Since my mom got cancer a few years ago, I have wanted to move closer to home. Just in case. So I mistakenly mentioned it to her, and she wouldn't let it go. She kept looking at homes, trying to entice us back. Finally in December she found a house that she loved (6 minutes away from her house, might I add) and went through it numerous times from January on, until finally Andy and I were in Utah in May, and went to see it for ourselves.

The problem was that we really could see ourselves living there. We weren't mentally ready to leave Virginia, and we weren't sure it would work with Andy's job, but in an ultra crazy impulse buy, we ended up making an offer and purchasing the home at the beginning of July. My mom thinks she won the lottery.

Last week since Andy was in Vegas, just a few hours away from my parent's house, we decided that I would come out to Utah while he was in Nevada and get some painting and cleaning done in the house, and then after his conference, he would join me for a week, during which time we are scrubbing bathrooms, cupboards, and closets, having carpet cleaners come, having a washer and dryer delivered, and picking up some odds and ends. That way when we sell our house in Virginia, this one will be ready to move into without a lot of additional fuss. It's been a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun as well.

I finally feel mentally ready to come back to the west. The mountains are breathtaking this time of year with all of their majestic colors. The view from our new porch is unbeatable. I have also missed the wide open spaces. I moved to Virgina because I loved all of the greenery, which I still do, but at times it has started to feel claustrophobic. I love that out here I can see for miles in any direction, with nothing impeding the view of the mountains. I had also forgotten how much more I love the dry heat than the oppressive humidity.

There are a million things I will miss about Virginia, and I will probably dwell on those later, but for now, I think this is a good move for our little family and I'm very optimistic about the future.

My sister put together a blog of when she first saw the house back in January. You can check it out here: Keep in mind it's covered in snow and filled with someone elses' furniture. Still, it's a very cute house.