Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bless the Sweet Little Piggies

Before Calvin was mobile, every morning I would sit with him on the deck and watch the birds and squirrels scampering around the back yard. We don't do that anymore because now every time we are outside, his sole focus is on getting WET. He will squirm down from my arms, make a beeline for the hose, and shake it until water finally comes out (after 5 minutes of watching his determination, I usually feel guilty and just go turn it on). Today when he woke up from naps, he was so sweetly disheveled and grumpy, so I took him outside, set him down on the grass, and it worked like magic.
Also, I have been thinking a lot lately about giving up most meats and just eating better in general so that by the time he's older, Calvin is used to healthier eating habits. But then tonight for dinner, we had waffles, fried eggs (Andy had scrambled. The whole Jack Sprat thing), and bacon. Since I met Andy, if we eat bacon at all it is usually turkey bacon, so every time I eat REAL bacon I remember that it's God's greatest gift to earth and wonder why I don't eat it more often - like for every meal. A minor setback in my plan to have a trim, healthy, happy little family.