Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I have been blessed to always have great women in my life as role models.

I am especially grateful for my mom who is a strong and courageous woman for whom nothing is impossible. She is smart, sassy, funny, a great listener, a great adviser, the best of friends, and she can throw up drywall or complete any home improvement project better than most men. I am so lucky to be her daughter and am always thankful for the example she has been in my life.

I have also been blessed to have a great mother-in-law. I think a lot of women dread their mothers-in-law, but mine is sweet, kind, and selfless. She would do anything for her sons and her grandkids, and never has an unkind word to say. I'm grateful for the influence
for good she is in our lives, and for the wonderful man she raised to be my husband.

Also, today I couldn't be more grateful to be a mom. It is the most amazing role I've ever played in life. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel a sense of awe that I was trusted with such an amazing little guy who follows my every move, watches my every action, and hangs on my every word. It is often a daunting task and I wonder if I'm good enough, but he loves me unconditionally and seems to be intelligent and wonderful despite my inadequacies. I am so thankful today to be a wife and a mother and a woman. I can't think of anything greater.

Andy gave me a cabinet mount radio for the kitchen, which I've been wanting. I hate that it's always so quiet when I do dishes or laundry, and now I can get my groove on while doing housework. Calvin gave me a gallon of chocolate covered raisins that I'll probably finish in less than a week. We had a wonderful dinner with the rest of the mothers in my family and then Andy left me again for some exotic destination of engineering. It was a great day (except for the Andy leaving part).