Saturday, May 2, 2009

Things That Made Calvin Laugh Harder Than Usual This Week

  • Daddy throwing him in the air
  • Daddy playing peek-a-boo around the cereal box every morning
  • Mommy making fishy faces
  • Mommy doing cross-eyes
  • Uncle twirling and doing flips on the trampoline
  • Holding on to the bars of his crib and leaning back as far as he can and then letting himself drop onto the mattress to bounce
  • Teasing Daddy that he's going down the stairs by himself
  • Kipper (a British dog cartoon)
  • Auntie doing somersaults in a skirt
  • Opening the talking Birthday card from Uncle Gary and Aunt Gretchen last year
  • Chasing the cat that hangs around our yard
  • Watching the KNex roller coaster go up and down at Game Den
He's just been really funny this week. I love his adorable laugh and how excited he gets about simple day-to-day things.