Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rory and Daisy

Every year my dad likes to buy a couple of calves, fatten them up, and in the fall has someone come and do the dirty deed and package them up so that his freezers are full of meat. Today spring's new additions to the family arrived. He wanted to name them Steak and T-bone, but my mom freaked out because my nieces always fall in love with the cows and have no concept of where their dinner comes from, so he named them Blacky and Blackier instead. The little girls went over to see them today and did NOT approve of the unimaginative names of Blacky and Blackier, so they changed the names to Aurora and Daisy; princess names perfectly fitting the little black cows. My dad of course lets them have their way, but Andy especially liked the names Steak and T-bone and declared that 1) my dad was pretty funny and the names should stick, and 2) our children would have no false illusions about farm animals. I'm sure he'll be singing a different tune once our little boy meets and falls in love with Rory and Daisy.