Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we decided to try out our party pad and fire up the grill that we haven't touched since we moved in. We invited my family over, and had a great time. I always post too many pictures, I know. But here they are anyway...


Smith Clan said...

Is this really your backyard? Because I am ready to move in. The fireplace is out of this world. Plus, I love your flag notes for the mayo. You really are on top of things. Heaven forbid, I would have had the jar sitting out for everyone to share.

HA HA!!! I love love love love leaving comments on your blog. My life is now complete!

Emma said...

Please move in! That would be wonderful. I would even put little flag notes in all of the food just so you'd stay.

It's not really that I'm on top of things, it's more that Mayo and Miracle Whip has been the cause of huge divisions in our family. We have half that are die-hard mayo, half that won't eat anything but MW. I didn't want to start any riots today if someone accidentally got the wrong one.