Sunday, May 17, 2009


In our church, when a child is 18 months old they get to start attending "Nursery", a class for little kids where they sing, play with toys, eat treats, and generally avoid the boredom and quiet of the meetings they have been attending with their parents to this point. Today was Calvin's first day and I was somewhat worried about dropping him off, but right when we walked through the door, he found trucks and ran off to play. I watched him through the little window, waiting for him to notice I had left. He looked for me about 3 minutes after I was gone, but when he didn't see me he just went back to playing with his trucks.

About half an hour later when they were changing classes, I looked in on him again. They were outside on a nature walk, he was holding his teacher's hand, looking around contentedly with a Ziploc full of colored marshmallows clutched in his little fist.

When I went to pick him up, he gave me a huge smile and then pointed at the teacher he was sitting next to. She was blowing bubbles and he didn't want to leave with me until they were finished. There were three teachers. They all said he was so cute and sweet and well-behaved. He seemed like he had a really great time and I was happy that he seemed to get along so well with the teachers and all of the other kids.