Thursday, May 21, 2009

Irrigation Turn

Today was my dad's watering turn, so we went over to their house and let the boy play in the flooded field with his cousins. Here are my favorite pictures from the day:
Andy and I are generally opposed to Crocs (Andy always forgets what they're called and calls them Gators) because they're just ugly and ghetto. But this morning we went to Wal-Mart (I know, it just keeps getting more ghetto) and bought the boy a pair so that he would have something that he could wear to walk around in water without ruining his sneakers. Calvin loves them! They seem to be really comfortable and light-weight, so his parents may just need to revise their stance on said shoes.

At first he was a bit nervous, so he wouldn't let go of Carrie's hand.

Girls playing in the water.

Maria loved splashing and started a water fight with anyone who got near her.

(Isn't it cute that the kids are all wearing stripes?)

Enjoying a frigid walk through the pasture.

Maria jumping and splashing.

Grandpa shoveling water to lightly splash Calvin. The boy wasn't too sure if he liked it...

Flinging cow poo. One of the highlights of the whole process is the floating manure.

Calvin was squatting down playing, and I called out his name for him to turn so I could get a picture of his face. He lost his balance and fell down. This is him glaring at me accusingly while pointing out his soaked clothing.

My cute dad in his hat and waders. He looks like a grandpa to me this way. Mine was always wearing work boots and a cowboy hat, so it just seems to me like the right kind of uniform for a grandpa.

Andy was waaaay too cool to participate.

So were Jesse and Mariah.

Although Mariah did lower herself long enough to step in and take a picture with all the sisters and the kids. Left to right: Maria, Alicia, Aysha, Carrie, Aby, Mariah, Miriam, Me, and Calvin.

Cute boy peeking out of a big box.

Calvin in Grandpa's waders. He thought this was pretty funny... until he lost his balance and fell over.

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