Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Fun

We spent this weekend in Mercersburg with Andy's family eating, playing games, swimming, watching movies, and just relaxing. We had a great time and always love seeing everyone. His brother Danny's family was down from northern PA, and his brother Gary's family visited from a few towns over. Here were the highlights:

Calvin was very spoiled. His grandparents pulled out tons of toys for him to play with, and he had the undivided attention of everyone around him.
Lots of time in the pool.

Calvin enamored with the little red wagon his grandparents refinished for him.

We found a remote control car that was Andy's when he was a kid, so we took her out for a spin. Calvin enjoyed watching it, but the best part was when Lindsey started jumping over it and spinning around in the air. He was laughing hysterically.

This one is evil, but I couldn't resist. I gave him some chocolate and when it smeared on his face, Andy said it looked like a Hitler mustache. This is his Hiel Hitler pose. Annette said that his facial expression was very fitting.

Celebrating Grandma's birthday a few weeks early with cake and ice cream.

Left to Right: Gary, Gretchen, Stephen, Me and Calvin, Andrew, Annette, Ariana, Danny, and Lindsey in the front.