Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Kitchen Miracle

Nineteen months after moving into this house, and Twelve months after we started the kitchen project, we are now officially finished! Every "t" has been crossed, every "i" has been dotted. Last week Andy stained and added the toe-rail, I finished up the caulking and wood touch-ups, and then yesterday Andy painted the baseboard. This morning I took the final step and scoured it from top to bottom. Please enjoy the fruits of our labors...

Please note the lovely pink Formica counter tops, the brass knobs, and the brass ceiling fan with the same glass shaped flowers that I remember being popular in the 80's in the home where I grew up.
and now brace yourself, brace yourself....

We were really excited about this layout because we designed it - well, Andy did mostly. We knew we wanted a tall bar, but the window was a problem, so we pulled inspiration from Andy's brother Danny's house. Their bar has a little part where it juts out, so we drew it up and took it into the contractors to see if they could do it. We love that there's a counter layer, and then 6 inches up, a bar layer. Also, the added bar gave us a ton of extra cupboard space.
We extended the island so it could hold a bigger cook-top, and also have counter space on the sides. The island even has a tall drawer just for spices. Heavenly!

We went taller on the upper cupboards to give us more cupboard space, and I whipped up these little window dressings in a rare fit of domesticity.

My brother called us one day from Southern VA telling us that a store was going out of business and auctioning off appliances. We got this double oven at a great deal, and then just found the warming drawer to match at Home Depot.

Andy spent months researching fridges obsessively like only he can do. We love the one we ended up with. The other one he liked was the model with a square window cut in the door so you didn't have to open the entire door to take out the milk. Lame.

New fans. Hooray!

Anyway, I'm sure it's much more exciting to us than it is to you, our dear readers, but I figured after so much time, there ought to be some small amount of fanfare celebrating the occasion.