Saturday, August 30, 2008

Les Miserables

Today was the performance of Les Miserables for which Andy had purchased tickets back in June as an anniversary present. He somehow worked his magic and got us box seats in the section that is reserved for season ticket holders and generally not open to the public, so we were front and center with a perfect view of the stage and orchestra. It was at Wolf Trap's amphitheater and was so incredibly muggy. The whole audience was sweltering in the heat, but for some reason, it was the best performance I have seen in my life.

I have seen Les Mis on several occasions, so I'm not sure why this was different. Maybe it was because I was with the love of my life instead of some schlep of the week, and romantic stories always seem better that way. Or maybe it was because now I'm a mother and I have learned that there's a new kind of love out there that I had never known existed, making themes - such as sacrificing anything it took to provide for your child, or the heartbreak of sending young boys off to war, or just wishing more than anything that your boy will grow to be a man of honor - more relevant.

Or maybe it's just because I'm older now, and much more jaded than I wish I were. Sometimes I need a reminder that I really do believe in the goodness of humanity and second chances and redemption. It's a powerful play, and it spoke to me much more this time than it ever has before. It was emotional and magical and romantic and perfect. I am grateful I was able to share it with my Andy, and I am grateful to Andy's parents for watching Calvin for a very long time so that we could go.