Friday, August 1, 2008

July in Review

Good riddance, July. You far outstayed your welcome, you lasted an eternity, and I'm delighted to see you go. Here are some pictures I liked from July but didn't post. (Mostly for grandparents who demand extra pictures).

Love those squishy cheeks - this one shows his full softness, and those barely visible little dimples.

Love this look of wonder. We see it a lot when he experiences new things.

I just like this one of Andy blowing bubbles. He's such a perfect mix of a great daddy, and a man who has quite a bit of boy still trapped inside.

Look at those lashes.

A new animal train we bought Calvin. It moves around the room singing songs, and he loves to crawl after it.

Ultimate couch potato chair. I put pillows and cushions inside of his ball pen, turned on Baby Einstein, and threw him a couple of balls to alleviate my guilt at leaving him so under-stimulated while I cleaned the kitchen.