Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Froggy Fiasco

Last night it was late and Andy was playing his game and I was working on my laptop when we heard a noise in the fireplace. I just thought it was the house settling and didn't pay any attention to it, but Andy went over to investigate. Somehow a tiny little frog had made his way into the fireplace, which is a gas one, and completely sealed off except for a tiny vent in the back. As soon as we shined a flashlight on him, he quit jumping around and just sat there looking so sad and cute peering out at us. I was practically crying, saying repeatedly "we can't just let him die in there!" Andy just gave me one of his looks and told me to calm down, and then being the knight in shining armor that he is, he went and got a screwdriver and proceeded to remove all 20 screws from the front of the glass. As soon as the glass swung open, I put a paper cup right up to the frog and just tapped it a tiny bit, and thankfully he jumped right in. We were worried that he was going to freak out and run backwards, but he didn't. He was a good frog. We let him go outside and he sat in the cup for a while. Eventually he hopped off to his freedom.

Also, in other wildlife news... We take this walk every night with Calvin on a trail by our house. It's exactly 1.25 miles, so we get some exercise while he gets a ride. There are also swings along the way, so it's usually a lengthy evening activity. Well last night as we were walking, right off of the path was a HUGE skunk. I have never seen one so close before. It was a crazy night filled with wild animals.