Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Setting: Virginia Beach, VA

Our exotic vacation destination for this year was Virginia Beach. Calvin's a bit small to do anything too crazy, but we thought since he loves water so much, he might enjoy the ocean. We left Thursday night and stayed through Sunday morning. Our hotel was right on the beach, and we couldn't have asked for a better time. There were lots of highlights, so I'm going to break it down into manageable chunks. For this post, please enjoy the setting:
Our hotel - the tall building behind Andy's head was right on the beach, divided only by a boardwalk where people walked, ran, and rode bicycles and roller blades.

The Boardwalk.

This was the view from the hotel door. On the right was a big amphitheater which was filled every night with concerts. This morning was a huge gathering of the Trinity church having their weekly service. If I could meet every Sunday morning in this location, listening to a Christian band jamming, I just might be up for a change.

This was our room. What a mess, I know. It worked out perfectly with the two full beds because we pulled the mattress of of one and put it on the floor so that there was a wall on one side and a level bed board on the other side, that way Calvin couldn't roll off at night. I slept with him, and Andy enjoyed some peace on the other one.

The little mischief, crawling all over everything in sight.

Enjoying the downy softness.

This was an awesome pool on the roof of the building. It looked like the edge of the pool dropped straight off into the ocean. It messed with my equilibrium, but was fun to play in.

View of the beach from our hotel roof.

More of the roof. These chairs made us slightly envious of couples there who weren't wrangling a nine month old little boy.

The other roof pool. One inside, one outside. This one has little water falls coming out of the walls that we loved to splash in and stand under.

King Neptune, welcoming us to our wonderful ocean adventure.

More detail on this amazing statue.