Sunday, July 6, 2008

8 Months Old Today (a day late)

Dear Calvin,

Eight months is such a big milestone. Your dad and I are amazed every single day at the new sounds you make, the new ways in which you develop your motor skills, and the endless amounts of excitement and curiosity you have for the world around you. You are such a pleasant baby and the only things that seem to upset you are when we hold you back from seeing and doing everything that you wish you could do on your own.
  • You are up to 21lbs 5oz. Your little Buddha belly is adorable and your thighs and cheeks are so soft and edible. I always thought my grandma was crazy when she would say she wanted to eat me, but really, I get it now. What else but devouring would work for such a perfect bundle of delicious baby juiciness?
  • You have a tooth! We discovered it the day before your 8 month birthday, and it's located in the middle bottom gums on your right. We think there might actually be two down there, but you're so stingy about sharing glimpses. Anytime I get close to your mouth you clamp down and glare at me. I pout and say, "I made you! After nine months of carrying you, 8.5 hours of hard labor, and 8 months of exhaustion, it's the least you can do!", but it never works.
  • You can almost crawl. You are so close. If you knew how close you were, you would be embarrassed that you just fall down and give up every time you're on the verge. We have several witnesses that have seen you move forward several inches when you're focused on something else, but whenever you become aware of what you're doing, you decide it's too hard and lay down and whine for us to take you where you want to go.
  • You are a great eater. Your favorite foods are the Gerber meats (I cheat and add a tiny bit of salt because they are so super bland - does that make me the best mom ever or the worst? Only time will tell) and the little Pepperidge Farms goldfish. You also love to drink cold water from your sippy cup (which I am very proud you've mastered so early on).
  • You say ma ma and da da all the time. Although research isn't on my side, I am convinced that you understand what they mean since you always use them correctly.
  • You definitely know your name and respond to it.
  • You love to walk around, holding onto tables or fingers, or even the exercise ball, which always inevitably rolls and leaves you with a rug burn on your face. You always get back up though, and you continue to run your little feet faster than the rest of you can keep up with.
You are such a wonderful baby, Calvin. You are smart, responsive, happy, interactive, and the cutest kid I have ever seen. We love you so much and can't wait to see what you will have learned by this time next month. We are so lucky that 8 months ago today you came to live at our house. I love you, Monkey!

Love, Mom