Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photo Shoot

A photo shoot with Calvin on any given day. For every few pictures I post, I have dozens that I just file away in folders because they're too cute to delete, but they don't really do anything for anyone else. This sequence I had to post though, because you can pretty much follow his train of thought in the pictures. He's such a pain, God bless him.
"I hate hats. She knows this. Why does she keep insisting on putting them on?" He takes it off and throws it.
Dad puts it back on and pins his hands to his side.

"Fine. I see the camera, I know what mom is doing. I'll give a fake smile, humor her, and just get it over with." (after which he takes off his hat, throws it, and his dad places it back on his head.)

"Hey look, what are those? Where'd my bare feet go?"

"Fun. Shoes!"

"Ugh. Boring. Is she still going?!?"

"Dad! Pick me up. Save me from her. Pleeeeease?"


At this point Calvin is screaming and Andy is yelling at me for taking too many pictures. Sigh. Boys so don't get this. If I had a girl, she'd love that I wanted to capture each little moment. If I had a wife, she'd be grateful for my efforts.

Also, I washed his face twice, but he still has peas all over his nose in the shots. I can't win.