Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Tricks

It's been a busy week - we have a whole portfolio of new tricks to report on.

Steadying himself on furniture, Calvin has mastered walking around. He can now maneuver corners and gaps like a champ, pulling himself almost anywhere he wants to go.

Calvin is a late bloomer on the clapping, but now that he's started he will sit and clap to himself while playing. Even better - he dances. If he hears a tune on the t.v., or if he's playing with his toys that sing songs, he'll sway, bounce, or clap along with the beat. You can't tell, but in this shot his bouncing his legs and swaying to some music.

I don't know how he figured it out, or how his pudgy fingers even managed it, but yesterday I walked away for just a few seconds, and when I came back he had pulled five keys off of his daddy's laptop. He was just stacking them in a pile, and getting down to business removing as many as he could before he got caught. He has done it repeatedly. Here's a picture of when Andy caught him at it.

This Baby Einstein gym that we thought was the worst purchase ever has now earned its place in our home. He uses it like a geriatric walker, holding onto the top and pushing it around the floor so that he can walk in spaces where there is no furniture to hold onto. Throughout the span of a day, I'd say he pushes it around for hours.