Friday, July 4, 2008


For the weekend of the fourth, we came to visit Andy's family at his brother Danny's house in north-eastern PA. Everyone has been run ragged by Calvin as he squirms, talks, climbs, and tries to run around the house. He thinks he is in heaven with so much attention. As soon as one person is worn out, he just moves onto the next.

He especially loves the dogs. If they are in the room, he can't focus on anything but chasing them. At first the dogs let him touch them, but after he has pulled on their fur, their ears, their tails, and anything else he can catch (he even grabbed an ear and a nose and stuck it in his mouth on two separate occasions. I know. Ewww.), they have become smart enough to avoid him at all costs (except for when he's eating Gerber chicken at the table. Then they will come and lick his fingers off. Fair-weather friends and another ewww). He has already spent countless hours holding onto fingers of whomever is supporting him at the moment as he runs after the three dogs. So after much discussion, we all decided that this boy needs to learn to chase things on his own.

First thing this morning, Andy and I took Calvin and went out to buy him a walker. Selection was limited, so after making a quick choice of Winnie-the-Pooh over Disney princesses, much questionable language as his dad worked to set it up, and a generous donation from the Dick Nelson loves to spoil his grandson fund, we were in business. Calvin could barely touch the floor with his toes, and so far he can only vaguely grasp the concept of moving backward instead of forward, but we all have faith that in no time this kid will be zipping around the house.